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Corporate Services


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Corporate Expos and Congresses


Do not settle for the expensive solutions imposed on you in your turnkey organizations such as exhibition stand design, installation and stand operation, let us find quality economic solutions for you within your budget. Let's let you join your own organizations as guests.


Our primary goal is to offer the most effective solutions to our business partners and to provide the highest quality service within the determined budget.



Corporate Trips  


We combine hotel accommodation, transfers, city tours and guidance services, restaurant reservations, special events and tours with our experience with our experience in all states in the USA and make you feel at home in America.


Corporate Event and Marketing


Your press conferences, groups and interviews ...


Your product promotion activities and films, arranging these films as desired, making them suitable for social and digital channels.


Your guerrilla promotion activities, street activities, projects specific to you and your brand ..


When you need reliable support in organizations in the American continent, we think like a Turk and offer solutions suitable for American conditions.







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